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The Benefits of Planting a Windbreak on Martha’s Vineyard

Landscapes that are carefully chosen, positioned, and maintained can provide great wind protection or windbreaks. Let’s dig deeper by knowing the benefits of planting a windbreak on Maratha’s Vineyard. Windbreaks are linear plantations of trees and shrubs designed in a way to enhance crop yield. They protect people and livestock and also benefit soil and […]

Martha’s Vineyard Landscape design service Top Tips

As Martha’s Vineyard Landscape Designing specialist, Tea Lane Nursery has mastered the art of organic landscaping and organic lawn care. Let us look at some of the best Martha’s Vineyard Landscape Design Service Tips from the experts. Hardscape Landscaping:  Hardscape landscaping includes the usage of stonework on the landscape to make it feel like an […]

7 Landscaping Tips and Tricks for the Winter Season

Winter is known for creating havoc on the landscape with its ravaging effects, leaving behind broken plants, wind-damaged plants and trees. Make a move now to ensure that your garden is in good shape. Follow these 7 tips and observe how your garden performs during the winter months. Landscaping Tips and Tricks for the Winter […]

The Ultimate Guide to Martha’s Vineyard Landscaping

The landscape is the best gift that you can give to your property and nature. Well, designing a proper garden is not that easy and is pretty confusing.  Are you planning something for your garden from Martha’s Vineyard? But, you don’t have a clue where to start.  Read this guide to Martha’s Vineyard landscaping and […]

How does Organic Landscaping Compare to Traditional Landscaping?

Enhancing our lawns creatively never gets old, but doing it the correct way is what matters the most. Traditional landscaping includes gardening components that could cause damage to your yard and the ecosystem over time. Ultimately, it is ideal to use organic or natural ways to grow your lawn into a beautiful haven while addressing […]

From Dirt To Daisies: How To Create An Organic Landscape

Organic landscaping is creating and maintaining beautiful garden spaces using naturally available materials free of harmful lawn chemicals. For example, sunflowers, some culinary herbs, lavender, and garlic are plants that keep pests at bay by themselves. This concept is based on the principle of chemical- and synthetic-material-free plant management systems. The underlying emphasis is on […]

We Won! The Best of the Vineyard: Best Landscape Architect/Designer

We are proud and delighted to announce that we won “The Best of the Vineyard Landscape Architect/Designer” award! Our team at Tea Lane delivers all services with integrity, honesty, and pride. Each of them has considerable training and expertise in landscape design, building, and maintenance. That is why, the efforts that they have put in […]

Can you Have a Great Lawn Without Chemicals?

The answer is very simple and straight – Yes. Yet, there are a few points you need to keep in mind to have a great lawn without chemicals. The popular belief is that you require many fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides for an attractive lawn. Even if you’re not concerned about their cost, these are very […]