Can you Have a Great Lawn Without Chemicals?

Great lawn / organic

The answer is very simple and straight – Yes. Yet, there are a few points you need to keep in mind to have a great lawn without chemicals. The popular belief is that you require many fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides for an attractive lawn. Even if you’re not concerned about their cost, these are very harmful in the long run, not only to humans, animals, and plants but also to the environment.

Below given are some easy and organic practices for an amazing lawn but without any sort of chemicals. Let’s see:

Organic Manures

So, what should you do if you want your grass to be a bit greener and add some sort of nutrients? You don’t have to use large amounts of chemicals for this. Instead, use liquid compost tea (homemade manure) on your lawn. Using all organic ingredients will make your average-looking lawn look great and increase your lawn’s roots, health, and life.

Great lawn organic

Say No To Bag Grass Clippings

You take your lawn’s life away in the form of bag clippings. There is nitrogen and other useful minerals in grass clippings. These clippings can be used to increase the fertility of the soil. In fact, it is the easiest and most organic method to fertilize any type or size of the lawn.

Proper Watering

You don’t need to water your lawn every day unless it’s a bright sunny day. Shallow watering gives you weak roots. The most effective practice is to water your lawn deeply and less often. This will help your lawn roots to go deep and gain the strength and minerals to fight hot weather conditions.

Keep Proper Height of Your Mower

Raise your mower’s blades. This is the most important point to keep in mind for a chemical-free lawn. You’ll face a lot of problems if you mow your lawn too low. Weed seeds find an easy path to get down to the soil, and the soil dries quickly on a bright sunny day. 

3.5 to 4” is an appropriate height. With this height, the grass can hold moisture and prevent the grass from turning brown.

Take Off Maximum ¼ of Grass At Once

Always remember to take off only ¼ grass in one go. When you remove too much grass at a time, the lawn suffers from a lot of pressure. This pressure harms the lawn in the long run. It leaves huge clusters of grass afterward. These clusters stick to the healthy and living grass from below and kill it. Mowing it a few times may be time-consuming, but it’s more beneficial for your lawn.

Great lawn organic

Sharpen Your Blades

Dull blades just tear the grass and do not cut it. This will only result in brown tips of your grass. Most people assume their lawn is dry and it needs more water. However, the reality is the tip of each and every grass blade is damaged because of the dull blades. Due to this, the tip of every grass blade is turned brown. Whereas sharp blades give you a clean cut and minimize pressure on your mower.

Don’t Mow a Wet Lawn

Mowing wet grass isn’t advisable for your lawn, blades, and also the mower. Wet grass, from the morning dew or the rain, quickly dulls your mower’s blades. In addition, the mower’s work becomes two times more difficult because the grass gets choked from below. Just like in the case of dull blades, wet grass also causes brown tip problems. This, in turn, makes your lawn look untidy and dry.


Following these simple and easy points will help you build a great lawn without chemicals. You do not need any chemicals to have the most stunning-looking grass. Once your lawn is well-established, it would not need much attention. However, keep checking on the soil texture, pH, and root growth to have a lush carpet. If you wish to have an expert’s advice, contact Tea Lane Nursery today.