We Won! The Best of the Vineyard: Best Landscape Architect/Designer

best landscape architect, best landscape designer

We are proud and delighted to announce that we won “The Best of the Vineyard Landscape Architect/Designer” award! Our team at Tea Lane delivers all services with integrity, honesty, and pride. Each of them has considerable training and expertise in landscape design, building, and maintenance. That is why, the efforts that they have put in have shown the results.

Being the best landscape designer, we offer the finest services in bringing organic practices to the Island. That is to say, we ensure to maintain the rustic landscape of Martha’s Vineyard for coming generations. 

Tea Lane Nursery is a full-service Martha’s Vineyard landscaping company that provides everything from hardscape to high-quality turf. Moreover, we provide some stunning landscapes to a range of trees, and a broad spectrum of plantings, focusing on indigenous plantings. In addition, we also try finding exotic or difficult-to-find plants.

What made us Win The Best of the Vineyard?


best landscape architect, best landscape designer

Everyone wishes to have a well-maintained lawn and a beautiful landscape design. However, we did not add just the beauty, greenery, and peace to the properties. Being the best landscape architect, we try to create a stunning oasis. 

Here is why we are proud of our services:

Our team approach

The best projects are frequently the outcome of a team’s collaborative effort. Our smart team assures that the final result will look excellent and efficient. Indeed, our customers would not have to spend a fortune.

Experience and Expertise

We understand that you want the best out of your investment. We are highly qualified, trained, and have tremendous industry experience. Martha’s Vineyard landscape design, installations, development, and construction services are all available under one roof. You can check out our recent works to see how we can beautify the landscape with a midas touch.


We don’t have any hidden costs. We are entirely transparent about our pricing. That is to say, we can offer you the best landscape design within your budget. 


What makes us the best landscape designer is the level of trust we have earned from our clientele. A landscaping design venture is a significant investment. We ensure that we bring the best out of every penny you spend. 

Moreover, we always try to perform up to your standards so that you don’t end up with hefty repairs later in the future.

Green and Organic Gardening Practices

best landscape architect, best landscape designer

We know how embracing green and organic practices can save nature. Since we care about the environment, we use smart green landscaping practices with natural lawn care.

Here are a few organic rules that we follow at Tea Lane.

Soil preparation

To establish a robust growing environment, we employ compost and other natural soil additions.

Selection of Plants

Local, drought-tolerant plants are preferable for green landscaping.

Conserving water

We have experience in installing and maintaining water-saving irrigation systems. Additionally, we also use them with weather-based regulators.

Chemical avoidance

As a green landscaping business, we only use pesticides as the last resort. Chemicals harm downstream ecosystems.


You can have the best landscape when you have the best architect working for it. We could win the best designer award as we designed a perfectly nature-aligned design.

Certainly, choosing the appropriate landscape expert might be difficult. But not when they have many accolades and experience to show.

For any information about having the finest landscape, feel free to get in touch with us. We will answer your inquiries, give references, and demonstrate our previous work. You can even talk to our prior clients or see the gardens we have worked on. 

You may need an expert with a blend of design ability, services supplied, and affordable charges. Team Tea Lane, the best landscape architect, is always here at your service.