Benefits of Organic Landscaping

Benefits of Organic Landscaping (1)

If you’ve heard anything about organic landscaping, you may be under the impression that it’s very costly and time-consuming, and not worth the effort. In actual fact however, the benefits gained from an organic landscaping approach are far more important than the initial cost of getting started, and those benefits make it totally worthwhile to undertake this alternative approach to landscaping the area around your home. Before delving into just what those benefits are, we should clearly define what is meant by organic landscaping.

Without getting into the technical aspects of it, organic landscaping can be considered the practice of creating and maintaining naturally-sustaining systems wherein soil and plant nutrition, as well as plant health, become the natural by-products of a chemical-free management program. That’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it? What it means is that an approach to landscaping is adopted so as to contribute significantly to the health of all plants around your home, without using any kind of chemicals to achieve that status of good health. For instance, fertilizing your garden with manure or compost rather than bagged fertilizer from a garden shop might be one component of your organic landscaping program.


As you might guess, an organic approach to landscaping will be much more friendly to the environment than any other approach. Many traditional methods can include toxic chemicals, and these can easily end up in water supplies and in the soil around your residence. There are all kinds of cases where people have been harmed by ingesting these toxins without even realizing it. On the other hand, there are no toxins at all included in the organic approach, so people are not harmed, nor is the environment itself.

Air quality

Any toxins which get introduced to the environment through traditional landscaping can also find their way into the air supply in your home and the immediate surroundings, potentially causing problems for wildlife in the area and to occupants of your home. Anyone who has a respiratory issue in your household might end up being troubled by these toxins which have been released into the breathing air. Since there are no harmful chemicals used in organic landscaping, none of your family members will be bothered, nor will any wildlife in the area.

Healthier root systems

When you decide to take the organic approach, it will contribute to developing healthier root systems for all those plants which you’re growing around the home. You can expect anything you grow to become greener and healthier over the long term, and that will enhance their natural beauty because they are enjoying better health. You will pretty much always obtain the best growing and gardening results when you use natural fertilizers to help your plants grow better.

Healthier soil

In addition to making your plants healthier from the ground up, using all-natural fertilizers will help improve the overall health of the soil itself. Soil which is treated with all-natural ingredients will usually be able to remain looser and less compacted, and it will also generally retain moisture better. That will make it easier to work with, and it will contribute significantly to the ongoing health of the soil, which means it will be better able to support anything you want to grow.

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While it might seem to be more costly than traditional landscaping methods, organic landscaping can actually work out to be less expensive in the long run. Whatever extra money you have to invest to obtain all-natural ingredients will be a good investment, because those ingredients will last longer and be more effective in the soil, once they’ve been effectively introduced. You won’t have to work as hard to maintain your garden or your lawn, so you’ll also save a bit of time and effort once your program is fully underway. By making use of high-quality natural ingredients in your yard, the money you invest will last considerably longer, and you’ll end up paying less over a period of time. To summarize, adopting an organic landscaping approach will be healthier for the soil, your plants, the environment, and all your family members as well, so you should consider engaging the services of a professional organic landscaper to obtain all these benefits.